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2022 ASTE Teacher of the Year

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I was born and raised on the Southern Kenai Peninsula. I have three children; 25, 54, & 12. I have a BA in history and an MAT with a social studies focus, and a Master's in Educational Leadership. I am highly qualified and certified to teach middle and high school social studies and language arts.  I am currently working on my National Board Certification among other microcredentials and side projects.  My family enjoys hiking, boating, fishing, reading, gaming, & traveling. 

I enjoy a leadership position in KPBSD as part of the ChampsI first became interested in educational innovation while I was homeschooling my eldest daughter through some of middle and high school. I continued to explore cutting edge, research-based methodologies while volunteering and working for Girl Scouts of Alaska and homeschooling my two younger children.  

I believe in a whole-child approach to education with a heavy emphasis on environmental competency.  In my classroom you will see busy, comfortable students moving around in a homelike setting while working on a variety of tasks.

At my current assignment, Nikolaevsk School, we focus on student reflection and ownership of their own education. We work toward empowering students to develop their own learning journeys through project and play-based learning as well as providing a variety of both on and offline learning options. We also focus on social-emotional learning with Zones of Regulation, Sources of Strength, and Habits of Mind

Through these uncertain and difficult times, I enjoy mentoring and supporting all learners as they work on building their resiliency skills, pursue their goals, and work toward preparing for their future.